Wine bottle bokeh

I’ve noticed that a lot of my shots from the photowalk at the weekend are shot in portrait, which is strange. I don’t really know why that is – it just happened. I think it comes down to wanting to isolate/focus the eye on the subject and not really nailing it in landscape. Something for me to work on I guess.

Anyway, the Cambridge Wine Merchants store on King’s Parade, Cambridge, is a really beautiful store. The chandeliers make for sultry mood-lighting all day long, which is great for deeply lit shots.

I’m particularly happy with three aspects to this shot: 1) the balance between the lighting inside and the outside, 2) the wine bottle bokeh and 3) that I managed to get some human interaction; the shot tells something of a story too.

It is rather dark though, which I did look into in Lightroom post, but chose to keep it deep. I’m definitely going back here to shoot the wine some more.