Names in bright lights

Neon signs have been around for around 100 years, so have truly stood the test of time and there’s nowhere near enough neon in this city, if you ask me. Afternoon Tease are an independent bakery and café, new to King St, Cambridge and I couldn’t think of a better way to stand out from the crowd, than by whacking your name in the front window in brightly coloured neon. Stunning.

The couple featured did spot me ‘lurking’ outside with a lens pointed at them, but didn’t wave me away angrily, so as soon as a joke was cracked, I snapped the shutter and was on my way. I really love the shot. Yes, it could have been better… the laughter could be more obvious, the angle could have been more interesting and there is some “dead space” to the right, but I don’t care. I still love it. Plus, those aspects give me a perfect excuse to go back and try again – I might even grab me a  slice while I’m there 😉