I’ve never been to Cornwall before

There, I said it. I’m 30-something years old and I’ve never even been remotely near that corner of the country before. No particular reason really, other than it has never really appealed to me personally, compared to the lure of Tuscany or Iceland, say. However, following a family holiday to Sardinia last year, the first with the baby, we decided that we needed to drastically re-think our criteria for picking a holiday destinations for the next few years: this one needed to be drivable, picturesque, predictable food, affordable and most of all, somewhere we’d not been before… Cornwall it was then.

After weeks of looking at potential destinations – and there are thousands of suitable options – we decided upon Kilminorth Cottages.


No, this isn’t one of the cottages they offer, but it isn’t very far away and en route to the town centre. I passed it every day hoping, wishing and waiting for better weather so that I could capture this frame with some sunlight in it. Alas, it wasn’t to be, so we’re left with the dreary and overcast English countryside look that we’ve all grown to know and love instead.

During our stay we took trips into town for walks around the harbour, fish and chips, chilled in the hot-tub (there was a lot of chilling in the hot-tub actually), visited the Monkey Sanctuary and the Eden Project.

I did take a lot of photos, but below are just a few of my favourites (probably because the sun is actually shining).