I’ll make my excuses now

It was a long time ago now, yes, April, but there’s been a lot going on. Since this event, I have bought a new house and moved in, I have applied for, been successful in getting and have started a new job, AND had a baby! So yes, a hat-trick of life changes in 3 months. Exhausting.

So as I sit in my new bedroom, surrounded by boxes but with new and improved bandwidth, I looked back over my last few opportunities to shoot (keyword: “few”) and remembered… “Ah yes, the TriggerTrap photo walk in London”.

Making the most of it

It was a friend of mine, Rich Etteridge, who alerted me to an event going on in London, a photo walk organised by TriggerTrap, a Kickstarter funded company founded in 2011. Their product is essentially a remote release cable + dongle to allow your smartphone to control your shutter. The device is exceptionally good at facilitating timelapses, but it’s also great for long-exposures, sound triggers, high-speed photography, etc. Check it out.

Rich and I decided to take the whole day off, even though the TriggerTap event didn’t start until the evening (presumably to make use sunset/city lights/long exposures that their device is so adept at aiding to capture). We thought we’d spend out day checking out a series of vantage points, starting in/around Greenwich, moving up through the centre and up to Primrose Hill.

The following shot is just one taken from Greenwich Park; a stitch made up of around 16 photos which I’ve I ‘shopped most of the people out of, leaving just the solitary man and his dog.

I’m pretty pleased with the outcome 🙂


We grabbed lunch in Greenwich, made our way through town and up to Primrose Hill, shooting as we went. There were some obligatory black and white architecture shots, some buskers and some candid shots. Pretty standard stuff, but all great photography fare. It was amazing to just be able to meander around the city with nothing to think about, but your next shot.

The photo walk itself was due to start in Southbank, so we rocked-up early and along with hundreds of other people, passed some time by watching the skaters do their thing. They’re incredibly talented guys and gals but also, quite a challenge to shoot. The light was fading at this point too, so trying to capture a still was tough. Most of my shots were milliseconds or inches away from being ‘perfect’, but I was pretty happy with the below.


Down to business

Right on cue, 4 people with bright red t-shirts rocked up and took us (around 40 or so photographers had turned up for the walk) to one side to get us under way. They showed us around the app, how it worked, how a light-pen could be used to spice things up and really tried to get our minds thinking about how light behaves and how a long exposure might need to be composed to capture it.

The culmination and at the end of the walk was the below setting. It’s not easy to see from my placement, but we’re outside the Tate and opposite St Paul’s (see Rich’s slightly better placed shot). As well as light pens, the TriggerTrap crew had access to a light stick, which, when walked in a line painted a long exposure with whatever it had been programmed with. In my example, the word ‘London’ isn’t a banner, it was made with the light stick being walked across the shot. Other examples included the TriggerTrap logo, rainbows, etc.

Only the placement let’s mine down, I feel. I’m sure there are other technical criticisms, but that’s the biggest one. Other than that, I’m happy with it.

Thank you

Thanks to Rich and TriggerTrap for an excellent day, doing what I love.


Further Reading

Finally, check out more of Rich Etteridge’s work. Shooting mainly gigs and concerts around the region (including being official photographer for the Cambridge Folk Festival), Rich also has some excellent shots of Cambridge City itself and more recently, indulging in some huge panoramas!

Website: rich-e.co.uk

Tiwtter: twitter.com/rich_e_