I hate YouTube recommendations (…usually)

Every father of a young family will tell you, sometimes it’s just easier to to put on a quick Peppa Pig orRaa_Raa the Noisy Lion video during dinner, just to earn you enough of a window to scoff yours before theirs is thrown on the floor because they want to get out of their high-chair. I digress.

However, due to the other content that I watch/subscriptions that I make, sometimes, just sometimes, there are recommendations that I’m interested in. For example, today YouTube suggested I watch a tutorial on adding rain to a photo. Often when I’m out shooting in the rain, the droplets themselves don’t show in the outcome due to shutter speed, lighting etc, and you effectively lose the atmosphere that was present in the original setting – which was the whole point of shooting in the rain at all!

The tutorial was super easy and very quickly, I’d reworked a photo I’d taken years ago to include rain droplets effectively but subtly.



With rain


Final image