It’s been a while

The last couple of years have been eventful, to say the least, and there simply hasn’t been room for photography in my life. But as the dust settles, so do the amount of hours and days required to negotiate a single juncture, leaving space for being more of myself.

So I wanted to start the resurrection by going back through my photos and finding moments to remember, or content that I am proud of, and very quickly gravitated to the following set, not least because it’s one of the very few occasions where I actually put the DSLR to use

We all have that one friend…

…who is a little bit strange. This one of mine likes to cycle long distances… FOR FUN!!! Raising money for charities close to his heart, Daniel (“Denz”) Harland’s last trip was from Edinburgh to Cambridge over a few days and before that, from Cambridge to Brighton in a single 120mi trip – the latter I documented in a previous post. Being a part of these epic journeys is always such an incredible experience, it’s hard to describe the feeling of reaching the finish line after days of gruelling endurance, incredible highs and intense lows; literal blood, sweat and tears.

I cannot take any credit for what happened over those 3 days. Yes, Simon (my navigator) and I were responsible for the route, for carrying the supplies and spares and to a certain extent keeping up morale and momentum, but of course the accolades go to Denz. What a champion. The following photos aren’t all of them, nor do they get anywhere near to expressing what he went through.

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